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Awesome jazz goin on.

2011-03-03 13:03:41 by superameba

I haven't drawn much recently as I've been playing music/ writing or whatever. But I feel Im gonna start drawing more again.

Awesome stuff has happened irl, and uh yeah. Neat.

Brozone sucks. major. wang.

2011-01-26 15:33:25 by superameba

Anyone else been there? It's gayer than friendzone. It's gayer than gay pornography.
"He's my little brother"
It is the one downside to being everyone's little brother. It is being the girl you fancy's little brother.
I'm apparently not even "like her little brother" anymore, I've become her little brother. Fuguuuu
latest art upload related.


2011-01-11 19:28:34 by superameba

I'm working on a new musical bit. Not musical in the sense of broadway, oh my science no. if there's one thing I can't stand it's the improbability of strangers knowing the exact lyrics to a song detailing a person's drama.

How about I slap your shit?

2010-12-16 15:29:48 by superameba

So I met this dude, let's call him Dracula-
in a music store.
I was there with 2 friends. They were playing keyboards. General 1800's bar music. /enter Dracula/ He starts being mildly annoying and dick measuring himself with their musical capabilities. Though honestly I believe they have a wider range than Dracula, as he said the only stuff he plays is Dracula inspired. Im all "lol you silly"
So friend 1 goes up to the counter to buy some cords. I pull out my balalaika out of boredom. /enter Doucheula/
"HAYYY I haven't seen one of those in like 15 years.....they're completely useless as instruments"
Dracula you gay.

Bye-bye GIMP

2010-10-27 15:58:06 by superameba

....and hello Photoshop CS5 ;D

Dead Sam tells no tales

2010-10-20 16:45:37 by superameba

I've uploaded some new stuff.


2010-10-19 11:04:57 by superameba

Is a fun thing to use. Finishing up my Concept art project and stuff.

So like, what's new with me?
All sortsa awesome shit. A couple of projects have been given to me both from friends and a fellow newgrounder. Uh, been party partyan and such too. Schools awesomer than having a dick made of lasers, also awesomer is not a word. I'll be uploading some art in a week or so, the reason I haven't uploaded it already is because it's for a school assignment: Concept Art. lotsa sketches and stuff so Im not sure if I'll submit any of it to the art portal. Maybe a few of the more finished ones. Been learning to play the balalaika like a crazy mofo.

things I did today:
woke up.
walked in the forest.
unnecessary periods at the end of each line.

Little hedgehog, I love you

2010-09-08 16:19:52 by superameba

A most interesting event occurred on the way home from the train station. I met a hedge hog. I played it some music with my balalaika. It waddled towards me in a typical hedgehog fashion. Once I stopped playing, it curled defensively into a ball.


2010-09-06 15:19:41 by superameba

lol that got your attention, did it not?

Food for thought:
Contrary to popular belief, the imagination is NOT limitless. Fantasy is built upon the wildest combinations of your knowledge. Therefore, the imagination is limited to what you "Know". This is at least why I often seek new knowledge, so that I can imagine more.

With love,
the Super Amoeba