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Jebus Chrast, I haven't updated this in like, forever yo.

2010-10-02 09:56:34 by superameba

So like, what's new with me?
All sortsa awesome shit. A couple of projects have been given to me both from friends and a fellow newgrounder. Uh, been party partyan and such too. Schools awesomer than having a dick made of lasers, also awesomer is not a word. I'll be uploading some art in a week or so, the reason I haven't uploaded it already is because it's for a school assignment: Concept Art. lotsa sketches and stuff so Im not sure if I'll submit any of it to the art portal. Maybe a few of the more finished ones. Been learning to play the balalaika like a crazy mofo.

things I did today:
woke up.
walked in the forest.
unnecessary periods at the end of each line.


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2010-11-06 14:50:49

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