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In Chad we trust.

2010-07-22 18:37:53 by superameba

Not God.
Because, if Chad fucks this up, me and 3 friends will have to pay a good bit of money.
Chad is the sales representative for an online arcade machine parts retailer. My friends and I are going to build an arcade machine, and needed to order some stuff for the control panel from them, so we did. $77.25 with shipping, and when it gets to where I live, the toll will be +25% and then another +25%, making the order expensive enough as it is. Paypal however, decided that the shipping address I want (outside of the U.S.) was not acceptable. So we call the retailer. Chad picks up.
"This is Chad"
"Hey Chad, superameba's dad here blablabla" (I dont have a credit card/paypal dealio)
"SO CHAD, can you change the shipping info so that we can get that stuff over here?!"
"Of course, just do this: (explains in great detail a series of about 2 emails that need to be sent, lolz)" says Chad.
And we sent those emailz.
So now the fate of my joystick, 4 pushbuttons, and a Cthulu circuit board rest in the hands of Chad. Otherwise this stuff is gonna wind up at my friend's house in California and he's going to be confused and we'll wind up paying double shipping for that stuff.
CHAD, I have faith in you.

Revenge Dick

2010-07-21 19:53:43 by superameba

So some guy commented on my MowzPad drawing which I also put on faceboob. No constructive criticism, no criticism other than "It looks like a dick". Which, I can sort of agree with. however, I havent spoken to this guy for like 3 years and the first thing he says to me is that one of my drawings looks like a dick. So what i've gone and done is drawn a MULTICOLORED dick. Complete with rainbow jizz. Im waiting for the water color to dry out and then Ima scan it in and tag him with the caption "No XXXX, this looks like a dick."

Revenge dick has been drawn out of boredom


2010-07-21 14:56:33 by superameba

My friend came back from Finland with a cool mousepad for me. It's got Stinky from Mumin on it.

Water Colors

2010-07-20 15:01:02 by superameba

I made a "serious" attempt at painting with watercolors today. The first picture was a voodoo doll with a safety pin through its head, but I messed up the background and chucked it into my garbage can that is overflowing with crumpled drawings. My second picture was the City of Colored Glass I uploaded.

First post

2010-07-18 21:41:19 by superameba

I made this account in 2008. It is 3:41 am, and I fucking love waffles. Also first uploads were made today