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How about I slap your shit?

2010-12-16 15:29:48 by superameba

So I met this dude, let's call him Dracula-
in a music store.
I was there with 2 friends. They were playing keyboards. General 1800's bar music. /enter Dracula/ He starts being mildly annoying and dick measuring himself with their musical capabilities. Though honestly I believe they have a wider range than Dracula, as he said the only stuff he plays is Dracula inspired. Im all "lol you silly"
So friend 1 goes up to the counter to buy some cords. I pull out my balalaika out of boredom. /enter Doucheula/
"HAYYY I haven't seen one of those in like 15 years.....they're completely useless as instruments"
Dracula you gay.


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2010-12-16 17:24:38

tehfuck's a balalaika?

superameba responds:

jawesome 3 stringed lute


2010-12-25 13:27:36

Merry Christmas!