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No uploads this week

2010-08-22 07:33:15 by superameba

Because I forgot my scanner. D:

....and my new housemate stole my desk. I am typing this sitting on pillows and using my nightstand to hold my screen. D:

In lighter news:
butane stocks have risen 10 pts.
*ba dum tiss*

So I moved back out again today


2010-08-19 12:00:26 by superameba

School starts again Tuesday. This is good news, as my school is fucking awesome. Also new first years, which means children to enslave (but in a good way...muahahaha)
Tomorrow I dog sit for my grandparents and then on Saturday (or Sunday) I move out again. I apparently have 2 new housemates. Which is kinda cool, cuz my last one never spoke to me. (figuratively, we said hi to each other on occasion :0)
Can't wait forTuesday.

For a while there

2010-08-17 09:24:51 by superameba

I couldn't really find any inspiration to draw. it's back now though.


2010-08-12 18:13:08 by superameba

I just got back from Barcelona :D
It was awesome, drinking age is 16, sunshine, beautiful architecture,
the beach was nice: hot sand, cool surf, boobs as far as the eye could see
Only 2 things were less than great... from the apartment we stayed in you could hear traffic louder than it was on the street, and most of the city smelled like poop.
But the food was good :D

Chillan at the market

2010-07-31 19:00:36 by superameba

So today was cool, I was at the market hangin out with some friends, then I went to the music store to exchange the one E string I could exchange for a higher octave E, expecting to have to buy the second. Turns out that I returned my low e string for 2 high e strings and still had a bit of credit left. After being asked if I need a pick or someting the owner of the store just decides to give me an extra string for the 10 kronor I had left on store credit (which is like 1/3 of what they cost :D)
After this me and my friends went home to one of their houses and watched Saw VI and Pineapple express. Saw wasn't that great though, kinda boring and the blood was too orange XD

Inglorious Basderps.

2010-07-30 16:11:31 by superameba

I finally got around to watching Inglorious Basterds. I was very disappointed. Fucking 17 of those 2 hours and 17 minutes was action, the rest was loooong dialogue that seemed to be about the same goddamn thing, I barely even paid attention. I can usually tolerate movies with lot of speech, but this was a disappointment, especially after the hype my friends made about it. :c


2010-07-29 13:43:45 by superameba

So I'm sitting around chiptunin' with Musagi by Dr. Petter, when I suddenly get to the point were my song needs drums. OH SNAP, because this program doesn't have a drum instrument you have to change the Xnes instrument from a squarewave to noise. the GUI is still a piano though, so this might take some time.

Wrong E strings

2010-07-27 10:12:20 by superameba

So I bought some nylon strings to replace the steel strings on my balalaika, only to realize that I bought the low E not the high e which is what I should've bought.

Fukken Beez

2010-07-25 17:35:43 by superameba

Some bee stung me yesterday on my right hand and now my middle finer is swollen and its just uncomfortable. I mean, Bee stings are annoying, they itch and then when you scratch they hurt. What thefuck bees chill out. Its not even like I was playing around with it, it stung me before I even knew it was there. What a dick.