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I liked the art style.


This was the best of the mastermind series, in my opinion ;D

Eran Humor

Jag älskar det. Det är inte ofta man råkar på svenskar med så bra humor.

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I love this game.
I love it's gameboyesque nature, both in visual and technical perspectives. The graphics catapulted me into nostalgia. The size of the levels reminded me heavily of gameboy games.
The difficulty of the game was frustrating but not so that I ragequit (died 122 times lol)
controls were simple yet playing the actual thing was difficult.
To be honest my first impression was "Oh look, another platformer..." but once the rules started being added I was captivated. The music was real good.
There were a few things that bugged me, being the sensitivity of not walking left. I would occasionally jump and hold down the left arrow a pixel too long, thus resulting in head esploshuns. Another thing was the height of the spikes.
The end was really grand though, I actually almost cried, and when the piano music started playing I got goosebumps.
Good game gentlemen, good game.

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flashygoodness responds:

Thank you very much. Yeah, apparently lots of people accidentally walk left by a pixel while jumping left. I think I'll try to make that rule a bit more lenient a future update. I'm glad you enjoyed the ending. The team worked hard to make it worth playing through the game!


Real fun, and testing, I like it. Just the right amount of difficulty to get you slightly irritated. ^_^

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I love this. I like the percussion the best.

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I like the coloring, and the pink-ish flare around the edges is pretty nice. keep on keepin on.

NefedovStorm responds:

thanks, appreciate it man


I like this, and after reading your response to PyRo-FaCe I notice that the use of the multiple arms says a lot more than the actual facial expression in this drawing. Is that the crease of a book or just something you added via photoshop/gimp/whatever?
Good job

Luxembourg responds:

It's the crease! This drawing was made in my moleskine notebook. I intentionally made it so that it would go between the pages. No real reason why, but that's what the black line is.
Thanks for the review. Glad you like it, sir.
(Damn, I end almost all of my reviews with that phrase.)


Is going to my favorites. I like your art a lot, and the style you draw in is nice to look at. I like how yo use pens and... is it watercolor or color pencil? Either way, good job.

Yoshiko13 responds:

i'm using colored pencil and felt tip brush markers : ) <3

oh! and pastels as well hahaha XD

I like to draw. lots. I also like video games. I'm studying video game development. Fuck yeahr.

24, Male

Studyin' vidya




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